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For many years Crazy Fox Digital have provided sign design, production, and installation for companies in Boca Raton. Being at the front of sign technologies we provide advanced solutions to meet and exceed client expectations. From the first consultation to contract completion our highly skilled team makes sure your project is delivered to and budget and specification. Through the years Crazy Fox Digital has invested in High-tech software and machinery which when joined with our years of experience in the sign design field describe us as original and unique. Among our range of equipment, we pride ourselves with a high-precision machine capable of cutting wood, plastic, and other soft metals. Other than sign design, production, and installation Crazy Fox Digital has set up a division for upholding the products after installation. The firm highlights with its clients to keep their signage in the unique state as this gives an image of their business.

For this reason, the company provides a regular maintenance contract based on a defined period based on the nature of the sign and position of the installation. The foundation of our operations and the key to our accomplishment is our level of customer satisfaction. Crazy Fox Digital makes outstanding efforts to improve its services and products strengthening our quality strategy frequently. We attain customer satisfaction through efficient manufacturing and business processes, executed and managed by experienced people with the right behavior and attitude promoting our mindset. We are always aware of the requirement to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies in sign production, and we’re constantly investing in new systems to make us the best sign company. Our staffs are continuously professional, and if you’re in need of a residential or commercial sign, we can assist you to design the perfect sign for your occasion. Contact us today for all of your sign needs.

Window Graphics

When crafting window graphics, Crazy Fox Digital wants to assist you to take your display graphics to a new level. Graphics is one of the critical elements of a business’s branding, and many choices exist for window graphics. Envisage transforming a plain storefront into a great marketing tool with the right placement of a window graphic. Any edge you can get that makes people take a second look is cherished and valued for getting your brand out there. Crazy Fox Digital provides numerous selections and products for window graphics. Select image or frosted window graphics, window clings and window perf that are double or single sided. Every window graphic we make is fully personalized to fit our client’s requirements. Choose from smaller scale graphics or vinyl lettering and large impact graphics that cover an entire window.

One of the first questions Crazy Fox Digital always asks is this: inside looking out or outside looking? We have solutions for both; we’ve found that this simple issue is ignored by other graphics providers. Whether it is a short-term cling or a permanent decal, we’re there to assist you to get what you need. The professionals at Crazy Fox Digital spend time with every client to learn all the vital details of a company’s marketing needs. From here, the team provides recommendations for creating a window graphic that fits your budget and needs. We’ll also perform our best efforts at color matching to make sure that the window graphic upholds a visually cohesive look with other branding elements. We also provide installation services for our clients in Boca Raton and its surrounding. Our team of professionals is ready to help you with a modified consultation to help you produce precisely the window graphics you need. Contact us for a quote today and enjoy our amazing service.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are a great way to advertise as well as protect your vehicle. It’s like a moving advert and is effective in advertising your message and capturing attention. Crazy Fox Digital utilizes the state-of-the-art technology to create vehicle graphics. Our professional installers will make sure every project that goes out the door goes beyond our client’s expectations. Many shops consider the project good enough if it looks suitable while the vehicle is moving, we set a much higher standard at Crazy Fox Digital, and you’ll love the results. Specialized vehicle graphic design transforms your corporate image in a great way. Crazy Fox Digital is Boca Raton best designer and producer of beautiful vehicle graphics and signs. Our graphic designers at Crazy Fox Digital are skilled and experienced in all manner of vehicles graphics. They will positively transform your brand identity into your commercial vehicle, applying vehicle graphics with skill and precision.

Whether your organization has a dozen vans, a fleet of trucks and a single car, vehicle graphics will turn heads at all hours of the day and night, creating awareness of your company with every journey. Crazy Fox Digital provides a variety of vehicle graphics which includes custom car signage applied to your van or car in your company colors and full-vehicle wraps display your messages on each side of your vehicle for optimum visibility. Crazy Fox Digital customized attractive signs that showcase your company logo, contact information, and name wherever your vehicles travel. We can match your vehicle’s color to make it appealing to your prospective clients. Personalize your vehicle with any image you choose and company information. Full vehicle wraps and Car decals are just a little of the choices that will put your vehicle to work for you. Contact Crazy Fox Digital for all your vehicle graphic needs.

Monument Signs

A well designed and executed monument sign gives an impression of permanence and quality like nothing else can. Monument signs can be made from hardscape and concrete materials, metal cabinets with routed backlighting and lettering and acrylic faced sign cabinets with digitally printed signage. Make a lasting impression with monuments signs as neighborhood entrance signs or building signs. Sited in the entranceways or foreground of, office centers, campuses, hospitals, schools, municipal buildings, country clubs and more, a monument sign is created on a base that appears solid. Freestanding exterior signage solutions from Crazy Fox Digital are popular as neighborhood entrance signs and commercial building signs for subdivisions as well as condominium and apartment complexes.

With Crazy Fox Digital, your exterior building sign selections include brick signs for business as well as newer foam monument signs. They can also be created from concrete block, poured concrete, metals, stone or any combination thereof. Your custom design can even include brightened panels for dynamic messaging. We’re also highly skilled at updating old monument signs with new logos, illumination or digital elements. Whatever your choice is, we can help not only with a one-of-a-kind, personalized design but also with site measurement and selection, municipal permitting and installation. A variety of colors, sizes, and finishes are available depending on your needs. Our design team is skilled in brand management, and can also offer to rebrand while working hand in hand with clients. Our production and installation teams take great care to manufacture our customers’ signage, and their attention to detail replicates the pride that we take in our work and relationships. Our team for you, let us work with you to design, construct and install a monument sign that sets your business apart. We’ll ensure that it sends the message and presents the image you want.

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